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September 28 – October 1, 2006
Bremen, Germany
@ 'Galerie Rabus', Plantage 13

Thursday, September 28
Galerie Rabus
2.30pm Welcome coffee
3pm Judith Siegmund (D): Foreign Customers, Germany 2004, 28 min
Film and presentation
4.30pm Malgorzata Kozlowska (PL)
Women existing(?) in Polish political discourse
5.30pm Dagmar Kase (EST)
Dreams in colour and merely borrowed thoughts: Mapping reality
Cinema im Ostertor
7pm Karin Jurschick
The peacekeepers and the women, Germany 2003, 80min
Film and discussion with the director

Friday, September 29
Galerie Rabus
do not exist: politics of sexuation
9.30am Welcome coffee
10am Claudia Reiche (D)
Do not exist: politics of sexuation
11am Marina Grzinic (A/SLO)
Who is the political subject of possible changes in the world of global capitalism and its expropriation machine?
12noon Susanne Lummerding (A)
So, if man is perhaps simply a woman who thinks that she does exist...
Phantasm, symptom and the political
1pm Lunch break
2pm Miglena Nikolchina (BL)
Homonymy and heterotopia: The case of Aufhebung
3pm Nanna Lüth (D)
What really happened to the Hermaphrodite Torso?
4 pm Coffee break
4.30pm Karin Michalski
Pashke and Sophia, Germany 2003, 28 min
Film and presentation
5.30pm Tanja Zimmermann (SLO/D)
Rituals of (un)veiling
Orientalism and the Balkans
9pm After Word Party
Music Claudia Kapp, Katrin Gummrich (D)

Saturday, September 30
Galerie Rabus
How space and zones gain existence:

Surveillance and political control on the spot
9am Morning coffee
9.30am Andrea Sick (D)
How space and zones gain existence: Surveillance and political control on the spot
10.30am Susanne Bauer (DK)
Transparency or surveillance? Constructing population health in time and space
11.30am Coffee break
12noon Ivika Kivi (EST)
Surveillance – Welcome to Estonia! – Privacy does not exist in Estonia
1pm Susanne Tönsmann (D)
Degrees of passports: Having one or having none and what is in-between
2pm Lunch break
3pm Gerburg Treusch-Dieter (D)
Buildingsite Europe
The Town of Women
4pm Christine Hanke (D)
Statistics – A spatial evidence production machinery?
5pm Christine Blättler (D)
The virtue of similitude
Cinema im Ostertor
7pm Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster, Renate Lorenz: Copy Me – I Want to Travel, Bulgaria/Germany 2004, 86 min
Film and discussion with Renate Lorenz

Sunday, October 1
Galerie Rabus
Do not exist: Nationality, identity, history
9.30am Morning coffee
10am Ulrike Bergermann (D)
The "Museum of Europe" in Brussels
11am Kea Wienand (D)
Joseph Beuys’s fantasies of the “East”
12noon Lunch break
1pm Audrone Zukauskaite (LIT)
Vanishing identities in contemporary Lithuanian art


Where will we meet again? Resume and outlook

Ulrike Bergermann, Dolores Castro Ruiz, Gesa Mietzner, Katrin Rabus, Thomas Settje, Natalia Solovtsova

Freie Hansestadt Bremen, Senator Kultur; Cultural Endowment of Estonia; private Sponsoring


E-Media Centre, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (ISH) – Graduate School of the Humanities, Ljubljana

The Gender Studies Centre, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sofia, Sofia

Kronika, Centre for Contemporary Art, Bytom
(Poland, )

Kunsthochschule für Medien (KHM) Köln