BORIS KARLOFF Introduction by
Boris Karloff

I dislike the word 'horror' yet it is a _ word that has been tagged to me all my life. It is a misnomer...for it means revulsion. The films I have made were made for entertainment, maybe with the object of making the audience's hair stand on end, but never to revolt people. Perhaps terror would be a much better word to describe these films, but alas, it is too late now to change the adjective. My films even prompted the British censor to introduce a certificate in the early thirties known as 'H'...for horror.

Early in 1931, when the first Frankenstein film was released, the Universal publicity department coined the phrase 'A Horror Picture' and from that day on the 'horror film' was here to stay. This genre of hlm entertainment obviously fulfils a desire in people to experience something which is beyond the range of everyday human emotion. This conclusion can be drawn from two facts.

by Stephen Jones
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