comments on the book "technics of cyberfeminism"

7.-9. 12. 2001

Welcome to the Frauen.Kultur.Labor Thealit
Thealit is a women's project in Bremen, performing experimental work at the borders of scientific, philosophical and artistic discourses since many years. This year's lab 'technics of cyber< >feminism <mode = message>' continues the tradition of the annual Thealit 'Laboratorium', focussing on the relations between technical media and cultural production in different ways and from different points of view. The participants have been invited to present their cyberfeminist vision, a work reflecting their relation to cyberfeminism, or a critic of cyberfeminism.
'technics of cyber< >feminism' <mode = message>' understands itself as part of a network of events and cooperations. Together with the exposition 'Cyberfem Spirit – Spirit of data' of the Edith-Russ-Haus für Mediednkunst and the Old Boys Network's conference 'very cyberfeminist international' 'technics of cyber< >feminism' presents itself as an international network.
Welcome to Thealit!


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