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Daria Sazanovich

Media artist, activist, designer and illustrator originally from Belarus. Based in Bremen.
Works with different media: digital drawing, 3D animation, collage, video, crafting. Mainly working on social injustice topics by collaborating with NGOs, independent media and human rights organisations from post-soviet countries. Giving talks about the importance of art and activism working together.
Current interest is a witch as a political figure and female protests.


During the residency, I would like to explore the nature of the female protest. Focusing on general practices and of course on the ongoing revolutionary process in my homeland Belarus.
I am planning to experiment with sewing, painting and crafting things.

Exchange drawings for a donation!

To support the Belarusian democracy movement, Daria Sazanovich donates the drawings and paintings that were created during her studio scholarship.

From Thursday, 1 to Saturday, 3 October,
from 11 am - 7 pm
or by appointment at sheeborshee(at)

Come by - Look - Donate!
Workspace thealit, St.-Jürgen-Str. 157/ 159, Bremen

Daria Sazanovich at the workspace (Arbeitszimmer thealit) Foto: Christina Kuhaupt
Daria Sazanovich at the workspace (Arbeitszimmer thealit) Foto: Christina Kuhaupt

The artist uses her works in exchange for donations (from 20 €) for the cause of the protest movement. The proceeds are to be passed on in full via private networks to those struggling with the effects of their participation in the protest.

Timo Thalmann has visited Daria Sazanovich at Arbeitszimmer thealit. You can read the article in today's issue (21.09.2020) of the Weser-Kurier or here

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Text: WAT/FOTO: Christina Kuhaupt