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thealit Bremen, June 2022
ISBN 978-3-930924-24-0

Edited by Claudia Reiche, Andrea Sick

104 pages in 4color digital print.
German and english contributions.
Design: authors, Andrea Dilzer

The COAPPARATION I, II, III zine The zine "COAPPARATION, I, II, II" presents projects addressed to thealit or realized at thealit in the COAPPARATION program 2019-2022.

Whether intentions, concepts, results, whether documents or associations were taken for project representation was optional. The artists were invited to work on the theme COAPPARATION* or to react to it – in the broadest sense.

*COAPPARATION? Cooperation is a process or behavior that can be regarded as essential for many things, ranging from culture and cultural politics to evolution, and vice-versa. Like an engine, it enables the stop and go of functional relationships, whose complex rhythms and intervals can in turn appear instrumental. In an apparition—another word for manifestation—perhaps? In that case COAPPARATION would be a little bit of COAPPARITION, because each instance of cooperation or each instance of its rejection comes down to common understanding, agreement, inquiry, hesitation, and action.

© by the authors: Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Carla Anacker, Kate Andrews, Marcela Antipán Olate, Gili Ben-Zvi & Christine Kriegerowski, Sophia Bizer, Brigitte Boomgaarden aka Moni Lang, Qianxun Chen & Ayşegül Seyhan, Claudia Christoffel, Branka Čolić, D.O.C.H. (Katharina Dacrés, Julia Dambuk, Karin Demuth, Carolin Klapp & Lucia Mendelova), Künstler*innen Kollektiv ELAF, Martina Ernst, Elburuz Fidan & Ariane Litmeyer, Brigitte Helbling, Vivian Hernández Ramírez, Jiyoon Hyun, Elina Karimova, Maria Karpushina,Tomma Köhler, Irena Kukrić, Rebecca A. Layton, leer&gut, Lena Violetta Leitner, Yara Mekawei & Farzad Golghasemi, Wiebke Mertens & Anne Moder, Camilla Metelka, Ines Brost & Ruth Wulffen, Hanna Paniutsich aka xyana, Julija Paškevičiūtė, Sabine Peter, Paule Potulski, Dagmar Rauwald, Claudia Reiche,Lisa Rein / Hysterical Pixel, Vicc Repasi, Liudmila Savelyeva, Daria Sazanovich, Anngret Schultze, Müge Pelin Sen, Konstanze Spät, Yuliya Tsviatkova, Giulia Valenti, Katja Windau, beate maria wörz, Eva Zulauf

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