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Yara Mekawei (Online-Residency) in dialogue with Farzad Golghasemi

Yara Mekawei is a Cairo-based electronic music composer and sound artist. A prolific artist and scholar, Mekawei‘s sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the flow of urban centers and the infrastructure of cities. Interested in the philosophy of architecture, history, and literature. Mekawei used the optical transfer from the musical conversation and transferring the sound waves to a visual form. Her work is based on sound as a tool of vision, the philosophy of composition is shaped by sophisticated practices that convey messages of conceptual dimension to the public. Mekawei using the research literature specializing in the social ideologies in her concepts. She follows her projects through a research point of uniting between work and the other, whose work shows an intangible aspect of her personality, and being feminine in an East African society.

Yara Mekawei Portfolio


Listen to my Postcard

Sound is everywhere, that it is like air, but rather that it is more diffuse, and deeper impact, that air has a sound, and the sound is alive to die, never-ending, that the sound never silences. Over the years, the relationship and analogy between music/sound art/sound design and architecture have been explored in several aspects. In the same way, architecture works over the solid materials, visual spaces, geometry, abstract realities, or social contexts, it does over the aural realities, the sonic dimension. When it comes to space, sound can be valued in an architectural process, just as architecture is also sonic.

This project aims to extract and transfer the photography of the architecture to soundtracks. I aim to work on 10 buildings. The main buildings I would like to work on are:

Speicher XI building (at Überseestadt)
Bunker Valentin (in Rekum)
Bunker Hornisse (Hafen/ Gröpelingen)
Café HAG building (at Überseestadt container harbor)

This project will content, photos, soundtracks, and text.
The photos will be taken by Farzad Golghasemi.

The results from "Listen to my Postcard" by Yara Mekawei in musical-photographic and literary dialogue with Farzad Golghasemi were presented in the new Virtual Arbeitszimmer and can now be heard and seen in the MEDIATHEK.