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Hannah Wolf

Hannah Wolf (1985) studied in Vienna, Berlin, Leipzig, and Bremen. From social and cultural anthropology to textile and surface design to fine art with a focus on photography and video. She is interested in the ongoing ‘cancellation of the future’. If everything becomes a commodity, how does it change the surfaces of our reality? Which feeling is spreader by alienation? How is ideology implemented in all the little things? Writing art critics is part of her praxis.


If you interpret one part of the portmanteau word 'coapparation' negatively, which I generally tend to do, you end up with neoliberalism. Co-operation, co-participation in an enterprise for the purpose of increasing capital. The world is a highly mediated one, so our cooperation is also a mediation of interests that are perhaps only our own in the short term (Is the rent paid this month?).

But if I now take the concept of mediation literally, then I think of commodity flows and those who move them. The mediation of commodities needs the bodies that move them. On the assembly lines, the ports, trucks, transporters and then also the bicycles. These bodies, the mediators, move through the urban space and carry the loads that become joy at the door of others. A new computer or the food, just in time for the crime scene.

When I think about the second part of the suitcase word, I interpret it negatively and think of alienation. Because, of course, one is not supposed to see the burden that goes into this activity. What can be done is moved outside the cities. What must remain visible gets a sounding name (Gorillaz) or an optimistic colour (orange). After all, it's all a pretty game you play when you look up addresses on the app and get on your bike.

During the work period, I want to turn my attention to the bodies that mediate our goods in the centres of cities.
The medium will be photography, video, and text.

Video screening daily from 6 pm- Work in progress
Video screening at Arbeitszimmer- Body of Work

Hannah Wolf Portfolio

Arbeiten (Auswahl)

don‘t cry over spilled milk
2020, 1 Kanal Videoprojektion, Loop (11:25:50), Stereo Sound

Real geht Konkurs. ‚Wenko – die bessere Idee‘ wird nicht weiter bestückt. Die Regale sind leer. Es ist vorbei. Da gibt es nichts zu weinen. Vielleicht können wir noch ein paar Schnäppchen machen. Einmal hin, alles drin. Nachhaltig und gut. 30% auf alle Haushaltswaren. Signifikant und Signifikat. Plug and Play. Nichts mehr anzustecken. Prima leben und Geld sparen.
Weine nicht, es ist zu spät: The future is canceled. Draußen sieht es ganz genauso aus.

don‘t cry over spilled milk, 2020, 1 Kanal Videoprojektion, Loop (11:25:50), Stereo Sound

Black Friday (tell me how does it feel)
2020, Full HD Video (07:38:05) Video, Stereo Sound

Mit dem Bus der Linie 63 kann man im Kreis vom GVZ (Güterverkehrszentrum) über die Innenstadt zum Outlet Center fahren. Es fällt zunehmend schwerer diese Orte zu unterscheiden. Ihre Oberflächen gleichen sich einander an. Warenkreisläufe geben den Takt vor. Menschen müssen diesem Takt folgen. Zumeist bleiben sie unsichtbar, nur kurz, wenn sie an der Haustür klingeln und das Paket überreichen, erhaschen wir ihre Gesichter. Aber: How does it feel?
Kamera/Schnitt/Sound/Ton: Hannah Wolf

Black Friday (tell me how does it feel) 2020, Full HD Video (07:38:05) Video, Stereo Sound

leisure aesthetics
2020, Fotopanel Digitalprint, Schriftbild Plotprint