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YeLa An

Born in 1987 in Seoul, South Korea. Live and based in Vienna, Austria.

She studied photography in Japan and the post-conceptual art with professor Marina Grzinic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. For many years she has been making artworks about mass media’s old images of Asian women to reflect the current state of gender (in)equality.

Now she is a Ph.D. candidate for philosophy at the same university about Orientalism and feminism. Her interest is an analysis of how today Asian women are represented internally in Asia but fulfilling as well a stereotype that is externally supported by the occidental look. This situation of subjugation by two gazes of oppression that forces Asian young women to emigrate to Europe to find a better life on themselves in Europe.


Sorrow in the Tireless Year
Part 1: Interview

Video Preview
7 October, 7 pm at Virtual Arbeitszimmer

This interview is the first part of the project, Sorrow in the Tireless Year. Four Korean artists share their racist
experiences and their thought of the double oppression as Asian women in Austria and Germany before and
after COVID-19.

Indeed, they narrate why they thematize Asian female identities and Asian bodies in their artistic works.

This project is supported by thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor., BMKÖS, and Bildrecht.

Weißer Rahmen 2018, 4 min, Full HD video