Yuliya Tsviatkova shows her works in the window of the Arbeitszimmer on the thesis: "My body does not belong to me./ To me my body does not belong."

On view Thursday January 20, from morning to 20:00. St.-Jürgen-Str. 157/159, Bremen. On display are installations of textile-made body parts - measured on the artist's body - designed as anti-stress toys, motif embroideries of physical trauma on long gauze web, a sculptural work of anatomical forms made of cast latex. And more... Coming by and looking (through the window) is worthwhile - who else would know, in porous times of change, where inside and outside, mine and yours, body and space are?


COAPPARATION -Lab doesn't stop for holidays. (Like art.) Already on Sunday, December 26 Yuliya Tsviatkova starts her studio grant at Arbeitszimmer thealit. A starting point for her project can be found within the thought: “My body does not belong to me. This biological substance is shared between me and other organisms. I do not exist without them, they do not exist without me. To me my body does not belong.” For sure, any body exists only in various forms of extrinsic perception. Similar maybe, but not identical – for: “To whom are you more alike? dad-like, no, more mom-like. No, definitely grandmother-like’’. It's hard for me to tell exactly what I look like… “My grandmother runs her fingers through my hair and says: 'You shouldn't have cut it.'"

With this project, Yuliya Tsiatkova aims at different ways of “sharing” her body – from family projection to microbiological composition. One part consists of reproducing her body – in life-size fabric as a kind of anti-stress toy.