Feminist, fighter, cook, entrepreneur, who was a fixed star of friendship and will remain in our memory. 

Without her courageous heart and alert mind, there would be no Frauen.Kultur.Labor. thealit

What 'women' meant, was and could become was her question and a path she dreamed of far ahead...



  • @Arbeitszimmer thealit
  • St. Jürgen St. 157/159, Bremen
  • September 2023-March 2024

It is about the relationship between ongoing stress and emergency situations and bodies, human bodies that is. How is this relationship to be perceived and how might it be influenced? 

It will be about a shared poetic process guided by a dream (backwards) sent in advance: to try out a non-emergency state of the psyche and the body under the conditions of a hardening permanent emergency of the present. So how to become sensitive and open so that pain does not perpetuate itself in the body? That is the exciting question here... 

Over the course of the two weeks, the Arbeitszimmer will be open from time to time and you are invited to come in and take part in the experiments. Days and times will be announced at short notice on the website and via Instagram

Final event in the thealit Arbeitszimmer: on Saturday, March 2 at 5 p.m., Carla Anacker, Julia Höft and Emilia Sting invite you to an open studio to present their project.

  • Arbeitszimmer thealit
  • St.-Jürgen-Str. 157/159
  • Bremen

Can placebos help? Does sound have the power to process complex emotions? Sound artists Erin Gee, Julia E Dyck, and Vivian Li are responding, as they put it,"to the needs of our society through a practice of radical sonic care".

From January 29 the work Audio Placebo Plaza (APP) can be explored in thealit's Virtual Arbeitszimmer Sound art for current and future emergencies – with all the power of the placebo! 

  • at Arbeitszimmer thealit:
  • St. Jürgen St. 157/159, Bremen

[The Art of Emergency 2023/2024]


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