Thealit designs and devises programmes to promote interaction between artistic and theoretical reflection, supporting protagonists in different fields as they explore and critique, test and modify their praxis. Difference, and in particular gender difference, is the central issue addressed in our work. We offer a cultural laboratory for and about women – Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor. Our basic assumption is that gender difference in its various permutations influences the shape and form of creative production in art and science and therefore represents a powerful political factor.

The main fields of investigation and experimentation addressed in Thealit programmes are media art and media theory, with a focus on the new social structures emerging in conjunction with the use and control of digital media applications.

The main concern of Thealit is to promote collaborations between women in the arts and various fields of science and to contribute to international debates on the boundaries between art, science and technology, and their organisational structures – by commenting on methods and procedures in science and art, and by raising representational and epistemic possibilities.

Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor emerged in 1990/1991 from the former Frauenkulturhaus Bremen (established 1982) with the stated aim of inserting feminist positions into the cultural debate in both epistemological and practical terms.

While Thealit’s collaborators and curators design and organize the programmes, they are always also involved as artists and scientists pursuing related research. Thealit works like a laboratory, organizing events and conferences, publicizing results and teaching interventionist thinking.

Festrede gehalten im Oktober 2011 zum 20 Jahre Jubiläum von Thealit
Prof. Dr. Barbara Paul

Festrede gehalten im April 2006 zum 15 Jahre Jubiläum von Thealit
Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer