Lisa Rein / Hysterical Pixel

Lisa Rein a.k.a. Hysterical Pixel is an artist-researcher-designer based in Berlin. Their work ponders questions of digital media infrastructures, codes, languages, and emancipatory practices. They graduated from Aalto University, Helsinki’s department of New Media, with a minor in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art in 2021. Their Master’s Thesis, Dirty Computers — On the Sociocultural Implications of the Computational investigates the diverse histories of computers, the internet and the digital, and maps out ten metaphors that describe the paradigmatic characteristics of current digital landscapes. LR teaches at the University of Applied Science (HTW), Berlin, and will start teaching at University of the Arts Bremen in April 2022. They are a member of collectives such as Fem_Music_ and faces and contribute in different ways to digital feminist practices.

Recent projects:

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