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Esther Adam & Katharina Greeven


on horizons

The horizon - a line that separates the sky from the earth. This becomes the metaphorical setting for an investigation into appearance and disappearance. Your (own) horizon is always a question of position and perspective. leer und gut examines the momentum and the conditions for the processes of what appears and what disappears in our study. Performative encounter moments are developed via shop windows, telephones and other devices. ON HORIZONTS is part of a larger investigation into appearance and disappearance. In January, responding to the subject of “leftovers”, the artists installed an inverted forest made of discarded fir trees in aRaum am Dobben.


Katharina M. Greeven is a freelance artist, performer and dancer. Her artistic work addresses aspects of improvisation and deals with power structures. She is currently researching various dichotomies such as subject / object, disappearance / appearance, and closeness / distance.
Katharina Greeven studied art education (BA) at the University of Bremen and Performance Studies (MA) in Hamburg [where in Hamburg].

Esther Adam is an artist, performer, sound artist and currently a master class student with Natascha Sadr Haghighian at the University of the Arts in Bremen. Before that she studied art education and gender studies (BA) at the University of Bremen.
In her cross-genre works, she negotiates topics such as vulnerability, the somatic, (in)visibilities and ways of thinking and doubting.

Both artists have been part of the performative band project "Die Laemma" since 2014, founded the duo "Leer und gut" together in the same year and performed in different contexts. In 2019 Katharina Greeven founded the queerfeminist performance collective b/witch, of which Esther Adam is also part. b/w*itch researches the historical continuities of the European witch hunt and, after a world premiere of the play of the same name at Kampnagel, was a guest for a residency in the Schwankhalle in March 2020 and presented excerpts from the research process PRACTICAL_MAGIC.

sleep over / über nachten
From March 6 to 7, 2021
From 10:00pm-10:00 am

During their "on horizons" project – within thealit's COAPPARATION program, Esther Adam and Katharina M. Greeven invite us to get together at a distance. Unfortunately the number of participants is limited to 12 people. We will speak German and English spoken language. Questions and registeration please until March 4th by mail via


Are you thinking about the night?

I get less text messages at night.

We should bring each other to bed.

Do you think about rituals?

No about a feeling of security.

I think about reading aloud.

Did you fall asleep? leer&gut invites you to a pack sleep, to an online pajama party. Together we want to slip into sleep and wake up.
Falling asleep, slipping out of wakefulness. Waking up, reappearing every day anew.
Questioning and examining the intimacy of sleep. Come with(out) make up, in your favorite pajamas. Bring a toothbrush, a book from which you maybe would like to read.

In the evening: lecture, reading aloud, sighing and yawning

In the morning: waking up, morning pages, brushing teeth