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Kate Devon Andrews

Kate Andrews is a Canadian artist who has been living and working in Bremen since 2016. Her work - whether in the form of painting, sculpture, drawing or installation - often deals with themes of precariousness and uncertainty. The way that materials, whether strong and robust, or light and fragile, can cooperate with each other - whether harmoniously or causing friction - to create temporary and somewhat provisional structures, is a point of interest for Kate. States of being ‘unfinished’, somewhat unstable, of being caught in a limbo between assembly and collapse, are seen as states of potency, charged and kinetic. Using the studio space as an environment in which to experiment with such constructions, Kate aims to bring together materials which have seemingly irrelevant or clashing properties, and in doing to explores the notion of instability itself, and the confused- yet dynamic- sensations such structures can provoke.


In Regard to Uncertainty

Kate Andrews plans to primarily work within the field of drawing and graphics, investigating the relationship that mediums such as graphite, paper and collage have to their surroundings, and the influence that a constantly fluctuating context has on the form which the drawings take. A malleable, flexible installation will take form, wherein drawings and collaged elements will react to the the shifting environment within which they find themselves; coexistence and interdependence between object and support emerges, and a series of deliberate and reactionary steps is instigated.

She posits questions in regard to the speed of today's perceptional tasks in multiple and mediated coexistences, in an ever escaping conscious now: „Here is where I understand the term ‘coapparition’ coming into play, as it deals with the way in which we, as a collective, understand ourselves and one another at a moment where very little time is dedicated to considering the detail or nuance of communication.”

On Instagram thealit_fkl photos and more from the ongoing processes inside the Arbeitszimmer will be shared, and – for the flaneurs among you – it should be possible to glimpse through the window front of the Arbeitszimmer too, inside the productive lab of Kate Andrews: In Regard to Uncertainty.