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Maria Karpushina

Maria navigates and tracks stories back within the incrustation of doubt and poetry. In this journey, she explores connections between language, translation, power structures and traces of oppression, abuse and inequality that are inherently part of her reading of the world.

She has an interest not only in assembling ideas about epistemology but also to live the experience of putting aside one own relationship with expertise and constantly engaging with “what we own as a knowledge”. Overall, her strategy to use various formats and media that have been defined by daily life and contributed to her practice as an artist.

Her artistic practice is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates collective and experimental interaction.


Altering Neutrality

[. . .]the object is presented against a neutral background, and the client focuses only on what they see. — The Metabolic Museum, Clémentne Deliss, 2020

The display background as a recurrent item in museum history is supposed to be neutral facilitating sensorial perception. But this implies erasure of the history of an object by cutting off its roots. Dismantling the neutral background implies to question the neutrality of exhibitions space displaying tradition. Backgrounds are a source of fiction and dismantling it by questioning different actors who witness the existence and permanence of this new fiction involve such transition.
In the exhibition context embodied knowledge manifests itself in relationships and choreographies that happen between tangible things and our bodies.