Esther Adam

Esther Adam is an artist, performer, sound artist and currently a master class student with Natascha Sadr Haghighian at the University of the Arts in Bremen. Before that she studied art education and gender studies (BA) at the University of Bremen.

In her cross-genre works, she negotiates topics such as vulnerability, the somatic, (in)visibilities and ways of thinking and doubting.

She have been part of the performative band project "Die Laemma" since 2014, together with Katharina Greeven founded the duo "Leer und gut" in the same year and performed in different contexts. In 2019 Katharina Greeven founded the queer*feminist performance collective b/w*itch, of which Esther Adam is also part. b/w*itch researches the historical continuities of the European witch hunt and, after a world premiere of the play of the same name at Kampnagel, was a guest for a residency in the Schwankhalle in March 2020 and presented excerpts from the research process PRACTICAL_MAGIC.

Related Lab(s): COAPPARATION (2019-2022)