• September 2020 - April 2021

  • We are offering a four-week-long studio residency in the thealit workroom* (shop space) to six different female artists.
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  • 06.- 27. Mai 2021
  • Short readings by BRANKA ČOLIČ

  • Every Thursday in May | 8 pm
  • 06, 13, 20, + 27 May 2021

  • 4 Short readings by. Branka Čolić
  • from the publication
  • ‚a room of one's own', (Bremen 2021, self-published)

  • Thu. 06 May at 20:00
  • Thu. 13 May at 20:00
  • Thu. 20 May at 20:00
  • Thu. 27 May at 20:00

Access to the event:

on twitch-> twitch.tv/fklthealit

or on the website-> in the Virtual Arbeitszimmer

'A room of her own', this had been for Branka Čolić the Arbeitszimmer thealit, for some weeks. Texts, some hand written, and images, made freehand, have made it into the publication. What is it about? We'll get to some human highs and lows, more closely examined to female relationships. To friends, best friends. Branka Čolić presents her work with four Micro-lectures.

The title of the work goes back to the essay by the British writer Virginia Woolf from 1929. According to Woolf, it takes two things for women to produce literature: "Five hundred (pounds) a year and a room of one's own".

  • For four weeks, the study of thealit is the 'room of her own, "concrete and metaphorical", as Branka Čolić explains.

Read more about the Project -> a room of one’s own


*COAPPARATION? Cooperation is a process or behavior that can be regarded as essential for many things, ranging from culture and cultural politics to evolution, and vice-versa. Like an engine, it enables the stop and go of functional relationships, whose complex rhythms and intervals can in turn appear instrumental. In an apparition—another word for manifestation—perhaps? In that case COAPPARATION would be a little bit of COAPPARITION, because each instance of cooperation or each instance of its rejection comes down to common understanding, agreement, inquiry, hesitation, and action.

Part 3 of the COAPPARATION project will take place in autumn 2021. A series of events featuring diverse artists, scientists, and activists will be held, to the extent that health precautions at the time allow for events to be presented in small spaces. Otherwise, this format will also be adjusted, and more work will be done outdoors and with the window, in addition to the general digital presentations.


  • *Workroom (Arbeitszimmer) Thealit
  • Sankt-Jürgen-Straße 157/159
  • 28205 Bremen

  • Accessibility:
  • Please note that there is no barrier-free access to the Workroom. But a small ramp can be added if required. Please ask for it in advance. Door width 85 cm. There is no wheelchair accessible toilet in the room.

  • Note:
  • Due to the current corona rules, it is not possible to visit the study. However, it is possible to watch through the shop window. Wearing a face mask and keeping a safe distance are also important here.
  • Possible changes will be announced on our website.