Olga Mink

Olga Mink works as a digital media-artist and filmmaker in the Netherlands. Her work ranges from conceptual media, to audiovisual performance, interactive installations and experimental (music-) video. She explores new boundaries within interdisciplinary media and digital image-making. She curates events in media-art and 'live cinema' performance. Mink is interested in the relation between [intangible] media and the spatiotemporal coherence. Playing with the perception of image, sound and the environment, she invites the spectator to experience something that absorbes these given elements into something new.

Former collaborations include performances with Eirenah as [Visual.Girlbot.Facility] and with musician Michel Banabila and trumpettist Eric Vloeimans. Current projects include the research into new interaction possibilities beyond the screen, with Roel Verlinden. 'L1ghts00p' uses infrared technology with LED systems. A new audiovisual project entitled "The Nature Of Being" is a collaboration with London based musician Scanner. She also curates new media events, such as 'ImageRadio festival' , Visual Active, 'State of the Image', and 'PlazaPlus Festival'.

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