Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures (2004)

Agents, spies, zombies, con-men, fakes, legal entities, novel and dream characters, avatars and bots are crossing borders in a virtual as well as in a real setting. They allow themselves to be understood as those staged, imagined, dreamt of, substituted or programmed. According to the respective context they change their properties and tasks as well as their relationship with us, the real, respectively natural persons. The fictitious figures acting in the graphically oriented or text-based MUDs, in our dreams, however, on all stages are perceived from time to time as uncanny yet partly funny, too, because they never tend to side completely with, for example, life, death or one gender. These fictitious figures - whether originating from the context of internet, dreams, theatre, secret service or psychiatry - trace a border that can question any identity assurance, if ever crossed. Existing they indicate that reality is no clearly defined secure notion or even state, but a question permanently posed anew.


Konzept: Andrea Sick, Helene von Oldenburg

Contributors: Andrea Sick, Anja Westerfrölke, Avatar Body Collision, Birgit Kiupel, Claudia Medeiros Cardoso, Claudia Reiche, Gertrudis Hengesbach, Gesa Mietzner, Helene von Oldenburg, IDRunners, Janine Sack, Kerstin Brandes, Kerstin Weiberg, Lynn Hershman, Melinda Rackham, Millefiore Effect, Sigrid Adorf, Silke Thoss, Stephanie Rothenberg, Tobey Crockett, Veronika Schumacher

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