The Art of Emergency (2022-2023)

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We find ourselves in an age of global emergencies. War, pandemic, and climate catastrophe—when not directly fatal—have universal consequences in the form of physical psychic, social, cultural, and economic damage. The current, most significant threats call for emergency plans as well as immediate, sustained changes in our behavior. 

An emergency situation can seem to occur suddenly, plunge a system into chaos, alter old, familiar patterns, and exacerbate existing imbalances—and always at unpredictable times. Action is immediately demanded, an active answer. Fast, improvised, operating with unknown dimensions. Previous plans and measures must be adjusted. Because it’s about one thing, and one thing only: survival.

  • thealit Arbeitszimmer 2022-23
  • St.-Jürgen-Str. 157/159, Bremen 
  • October 2022 - March 2023

Konzept: Claudia Reiche, Andrea Sick

Contributors: Ana Patiño, Ariane Litmeyer, Dorothea Koch, Dorsa Eidizadeh, Gabriela Valdespino, Jana Piotrowski, Maria Arzt, Noelle M. BuAbbud, Paule Potulski, Sulme & Jae-Nder Fluid, Vicc Repasi

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Thealit offers 5 four-week residencies for female artists or groups in the ‚Arbeitszimmer'. In between, there is space for two-day projects and presentations, the Intermissions.

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