COAPPARATION (Teil 2) Atelierstipendien: Sept. 2020 - März 2021

We are offering a four-week-long studio residency in the thealit workroom* (St.-Jürgne-Str. 157/159, Bremen) to six different female artists.

The artists will be invited to work with or react to the theme of COAPPARATION, in the broadest sense.

To publicize the works—which is not obligatory—the large window of the workroom (the shop space) can be used, as can the thealit website and other digital publication channels. It would also be possible to take over the Thealit Instagram account.

Very much looking forward!

On 24th of October at 19:00 (Berlin time) we invite you to participate in a virtual excursion around the Minsk High Technology Park, which was previously a place with abandoned buildings where illegal concerts and parties were held.

We will look at the history and modern incarnation of this place and through it try to make a deep dive together into Minsk's atmosphere.

Afterwards, XYANA will hold a live interview with Uladzimir R. He was part of the Minsk punk scene starting from 2010, and is familiar with the area of the High Technology Park in both its abandoned state and as it is now. He currently works as a programmer in Berlin.

It will be possible to ask questions to both XYANA and Uladzimir R. via chat on Twitch:

The event will also be streamed online on:

  • 01.-03.10.2020
  • Exchange drawings for a donation!
  • Daria Sazanovich

  • Daria Sazanovich, the first fellow of the Coapparation program in the 'Arbeitszimmer' studio of thealit, calls for solidarity with the protests in Belarus!
  • To support the Belarusian democracy movement, she donates the drawings and paintings that were created during her stay at thealit.

  • The artist offers her works for donations (starting from 20 €) for the cause of the protest movement. The proceeds are to be passed on in full via private networks to those who are struggling with the effects of their participation in the protest.

Come by - have a look - donate!

11 am - 7 pm (or by arrangement:

Some works by Daria Sazanovich can also be seen on the Coapparation website, part 2, as examples.

*COAPPARATION? Cooperation is a process or behavior that can be regarded as essential for many things, ranging from culture and cultural politics to evolution, and vice-versa. Like an engine, it enables the stop and go of functional relationships, whose complex rhythms and intervals can in turn appear instrumental. In an apparition—another word for manifestation—perhaps? In that case COAPPARATION would be a little bit of COAPPARITION, because each instance of cooperation or each instance of its rejection comes down to common understanding, agreement, inquiry, hesitation, and action.


Part 3 of the COAPPARATION project will take place in autumn 2021. A series of events featuring diverse artists, scientists, and activists will be held, to the extent that health precautions at the time allow for events to be presented in small spaces. Otherwise, this format will also be adjusted, and more work will be done outdoors and with the window, in addition to the general digital presentations.

COAPPARATION (Teil 2) Atelierstipendien: Sept. 2020 - März 2021
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